Wednesday, March 17, 2004

March Madness

This is March Mad Mad Madness, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best time in town!!!! Do me a favor, find a pool and dump in 20 bucks, then sit back and watch your favorite team play on TV. By the way, don’t forget to grab a cold bear. That's the basketball I am talking about!!

Here is my Final 4 picks:

(1) Wisconsin (#6 Seed)
I have to pick Wisconsin, compelled by pure loyalty and affection. Everyone knows and says that defense wins the game. Let’s face it; defense is something that Wisconsin is never short of. This could just be another miracle year for Wisconsin. Just remember what happened in year 2000, they just shocked the world when they advanced to Final 4 as a #8 seed. Still not convinced?? Fine. To hell with you!! Yeah, call me crazy, call me emotional, call me stupid, call me sentimental, call me blind, call me pathetic, call me incompetent, call me gay, call me asshole, or call me whatever you want, I am picking Wisconsin to Final 4!!!!!!!!!

(2) Gonzaga (# 2 Seed)
Gonzaga always has the Cinderella story behind them. For the past 5 years, they were always a lowly ranked team, but people always believe they were tough to beat (which turned out to be so true every year) . This year is the year for this Cinderella to become a real Snow White!!! They were 27-2 in the regular season and are ranked #2 in tourney. They are powerful in the inside, and skillful at the outside, and they have one of the best big men in College right now. I believe they will handily beat the untalented #1 Seed Kentucky.

(3) Duke (#1 Seed)
The only #1 Seed in Final 4 as I see it. Since there is no God playing in the tournament, Blue Devil will rule. They are experienced, tough, and hungry. They haven’t advanced to Final 4 since 2001, and that’s absolutely unacceptable by their standard. Yes, I am perfectly aware of the fact that they just lost to Maryland in the ACC title game. I watched that game!! (I will talk more about Maryland late) Duke played tough but Maryland was just better that night. For Duke this time, the only team that can pose a threat is Missi State. However, I don’t think Missi State will even survive UNC. Duck will beat UNC in Elite 8

(4) Maryland (#4 Seed)
Oh, my… they are just like the clone of last year’s Syracuse. They are young, full of energy and bravery. They play their hearts out, and they have been weak all season long, not until just 3 weeks ago. They beat Wake Forest, NC State, and Duke to take the ACC crown. You think that’s easy??????!!!!!!!!!! Connecticut was over-rated, ever since the first day of the regular season, and they are still over-rated as of today. Maryland beats Connecticut in a close game

Well, I know perfectly well that you may think that I am full of shit and are probably drunk at this moment..... I kinda agree with you. When the tournament starts, no one knows what’s gonna happen. But I have hope…… the hope that I will win the pool and my team goes to Final 4. Oh, yeah, hope is the best thing ever occurred to human race. I love it every moment!!!

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