Thursday, December 29, 2005

Waiting in Lines

Every time when I am in a long line (let’s say waiting for a cab in the airport), I feel somewhat agitated. According to my close analysis, the degree of agitation is determined by two Factors: (A) the number of people in front of me, and (B) the number of people behind me.

Factor (A) is determined to be strongly positively correlated with my anxiety level, which means the more people in front of me, the more pissed off I am. It is logical, I think, since the larger number of people indicates longer waiting period.

I also noticed that Factor (B) is highly negatively correlated with my anxiety level, which means the more people behind me, the less agitated, or more delighted, I am. Even though such strongly correlation undeniably exists, I am deeply puzzled. Why would I be happier when there are more people waiting behind me? They have nothing to do with me. They are not going to shorten my wait by any means. Am I the only one who has this illogical feeling?

After consulting with my lovely wife regarding this mysterious phenomenon, once again I was told that I am not special at all. This is actually commonly referred as “幸灾乐祸”, and it has existed in human history as far back as we can remember. Damn...

Friday, December 23, 2005

The Game - [World of Warcraft]

World of Warcraft (WOW) is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), which means it??s a RPG (role playing game) with millions of real users interactive simultaneously in a fantasy world. As any typical RPG, WOW comes with various classes and races. There are 8 races (Human, Orc, Dwarf, and etc.) and 9 classes (Warriors, Paladin, Mage, and the other usual suspects) in the game. I picked a Dwarf Warrior as my main character. (I am on Normal serve in the Whisperwind Realm)

To be honest, I was very skeptical about the game at first. I was never a big fan of MMORPGs. The only previous one that I played was Diablo, which I found very repetitive and boring. Because of this bias, even though WOW received rave reviews and was voted the Game of the Year in 2004 by more than 400 gaming magazines and websites, it never interested me until one day my brother told me about the greatness of this game. I finally decided to give it a try.

Oh, boy, what a game!! I really can't pin down what exactly makes this game great, but it's great nonetheless. This game is as flawless as you can think of. The world in the game is huge and graphically beautiful. You can even see your footmarks on the snow. The enemies are diverse and well-designed, including variety of animals, humanoids, and mechanical objects. The sound effect is excellent. You can hear the wind whistling through the forrest. The collision of weapons also sounds authentic.

When it comes to gameply, WOW simply nailed it. This is not a hard game to begin with, even though many secrets of the game require more hours to discover. I learned how to play the game in less than 10 minutes. Controls are very intuitive. You use arrow keys or ASDW to move around, and right click to attack an enemy. Even though you are constantly killing things, there are also many other things to do in the game. You can learn Skills that does not involve fighting. I acquired Mining and Black Smith skills so I can make my own Armor. You gain experienes through either killing or Quests. There are variety of quests in the game, and in generally they are meticulously designed in a way that it won't be so difficult that you want to throw your mouse at the screen; nor it would be so easy that that you get bored after 4 hours of play. Sometimes when a quest gets too difficult, you can always team up with someone around you to form a party. I once met a Priest and we fought bravely against some fish-like creatures. I may even join a Guild one day to get to know more people and fight bigger battles.

The game is not graphically violent, even though you are killing things constantly. The characters look a little bit catoonish, but I think it looks really cute. This is a game for everyone. If you are remotely interested in RPGs, you should check this game out. There is a reason that this game is currently the most played MMORPG in the market.

BTW, the game is so fun that I don't feel like going to snowboarding anymore (the warm weather in NY certainly doesn't help either). It's indeed very scary for a snowboarding fan.

The Book - [Animal Farm]

[Animal Farm] is another classic written by George Orwell, one of the most renowned writers of the 20th century. Both of his [1984] and [Animal Farm] are widely considered the Top 100 English novels of all time. After reading both, I simply can’t agree more.

Both books are the fine products of Orwell’s long crusade against totalitarian. As an active member of the socialism movement in the early 1930s, George Orwell was an idealist. He despised the capitalism to his core and was longing for democratic socialism, which he believed to be the only savior for the hard work general public. The tremendous success of the Russian revolution gave him great comfort and joy. However, as Stalin established his dictatorship through ruthless purging in the mid 30s, Orwell once against fell into abyss. He was demoralized by what he saw and he couldn’t see any hope. The working class seems to be in an eternity of suffrage. As a result, he wrote [1984] and [Animal Farm] in a rather pessimistic way to condemn totalitarian governments.

[Animal Farm] was written in a highly comical way. The story is about how several smart and visionary pigs lead the animals in Manor Farm to a revolution that drives the suppressive farm owner, Mr. Manor, out of the farm. The Manor Farm is then renamed to Animal Farm, indicating the autonomy of the farm. What happens next is not something I will discuss here since I highly recommend everyone to read this short book (only about 110 pages long). However, I will tell you some of the most unforgettable characters in the book: Napoleon, one of the pigs that leads the animals to victory; Snowball, an intelligent and brave pig that is also a key figure to the revolution; Boxer, a strong male horse, whose motto is “I will work harder” and “Napoleon is always right”; Benjamin, an old eccentric donkey who seldom says anything except “Life is always the same, no better and no worse, no matter what happens”, Four sheep (whose names I really can’t recall) who are not smart enough to learn anything except “Four leg good, two leg bad”. All these are great characters created by Orwell and I found them extremely interesting.

The book is written in 1943 and published in 1945 after the World War II. However, it gave you a fairly accurate picture of what about to happen in China in the subsequent 30 years. Orwell’s ability to foresee the future is startling. I honestly think this is one of the best books I’ve ever read. The story is entertaining, engaging, and thought provoking. A lot of metaphors are used in the book and it will keep your brain busy for a while if you want to. [Animal Farm] is definitely one of my Top 3 novels of all time.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Book - [High Fidelity]

Just finished this book several days ago. A great one. Even better than the movie. I think everyone should read it.

The book is about a 36-year old man who was struggling with his love life. He owns a not-so-successful boutique music store and has difficulties with commitment. When his g/f recently left him, he starts to re-think the whole thing about dating and relationships. The book is outrageously funny and it gives you a genuine glimpse of a middle age man's mind when it comes to love, marriage, and relationships.

The name of the book has two meanings: first, Hi Fi is a term frequently used when talking about music, and the book has plenty of music reference. Secondly, the book is about the true confession of a man. It's so real and it makes me chill sometimes. You know what, I take my words back. I don't think this book is for everyone, especially not for girls. This book gives away too many secrets about how men think. It makes us, men, even less special and mysterious.

All in all, I rate this book 5 out of 5.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


说起体坛大嘴,大家不得不想起那个脑子里少跟弦的韩侨生,他那句名垂千古的“前有追兵,后有堵截”至今让人难以忘怀。但今天我要提的是美国版的韩侨生,那就是NBA的解说员Bill Walton。他这个人其实当年(70年代的时候)打球还是很猛的,平均每场13分,10个篮板,1个偷球,和2个盖帽,怎么说也是NBA最伟大50名球员之一。


1. 2002-2003年,马刺在西区和湖人争夺总决赛席位的时候,由于Robert Horry的关键三分球,Walton马上开始疯狂的赞扬Horry,他说Horry不仅三分厉害,而且他一直是“one of the NBA's premier defenders”,当时我就差点晕到,Robert Horry是premier defender????我从来不记得他入过任何一届的NBA All-Defensive Team,他关键时刻投三分是不错,但作为一个大前锋,他的防守从来就是相当糜烂的。(靠,如果他能算是premier defender的话,我都可以算是premier singer or premier banker了。)所以Walton一说完,另一个评论马上哑口无言,没法搭话。

2. 我忘了是哪一场球了,反正有个后卫传了一个坏球,球丢了,很平常的一件事,但Walton马上来了句“This is the worst pass I've ever seen in my entire life”。哈哈,我当时马上开始狂笑。
另一个评述实在忍不住了,就问他:“In your career, you must have seen thousands, if not millions, passes, are you sure this is the worst one? ”
Walton还嘴硬: “Absolutely!”
“OK, fair enough, I am curious to know what's your second worst pass of all time. Or in another words, what's your previous worst pass of all time? You must have compared the two, right?”

3. 这是昨天晚上我听到的,Walton在评述波特兰对底特律的比赛,他突发感慨地说:“Actually basketball is a beautiful sport. It's 100% physical. You have to be physically tough. Also it's 100% mental, you have to be mentally tough as well.”
另一个评述又忍不住了,“I am not a rocket scientist here, but according to elementary math, 100% plus 100%, isn't that 200% already? The numbers just don't add up.”
Walton天外飞仙般的来了一句:“You are comparing apples to oranges here.”

呵呵,其实我挺喜欢听Walton解说的,非常搞笑,娱乐价值很高。Keep it up, Bill!!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Survey says...

Source: Yahoo Finance

According to a recent survey conducted by entitled, "Out of the Office 2005", a whopping 43% of respondents revealed that they had called in sick with a fake excuse in the last twelve months, up from 35% in the 2004 survey.

Unfortunately for some employees, their day of hooky ended up with a pink slip as 23% of managers surveyed reported that they had fired an employee for missing work with a faux illness.

The most popular day for faking an illness was Wednesday (27%) followed closely by Monday (26%) and Friday (14%). The most popular reasons for calling in sick included catching up on sleep (23%) and simply not feeling like working (17%). The excuses provided by employees ran the gamut from the mundane to the exotic. The survey highlighted some of the more bizarre excuses provided to managers including:
  • I'm too drunk to drive to work.
  • My boyfriend's snake got loose and I'm afraid to leave the bedroom until he gets home.
  • I'm too fat to get into my work pants.
  • My cow bit me.
  • My son accidentally fell asleep next to wet cement in our backyard. His foot fell in and we can't get it out.
  • My house lock jammed and I'm locked in.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

H. L. Mencken

I am reading a book written by H.L. Mencken. As indicated by the title of the book “A Mencken Chrestomathy”, this book is not a fiction, not a biography, not a textbook, but rather it’s a collection of choice passages from H.L. Mencken. The entire book is organized by a wide array of subject groups, which range from Women, Men, and Government to History, Music, and Death. Each subject contains multiple short comments/notes from author’s early works. Here are two examples:

Types of Men: The believer

Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable. There is thus a flavor of the pathological in it; it goes beyond the normal intellectual process and passes into the murky domain of transcendental metaphysics. A man full of faith is imply one who has lost (or never had) the capacity for clear and realistic thought. He is not a mere ass: he is actually ill. Worse, he is incurable, for disappointment, being essentially an objective phenomenon, cannot permanently affect his subjective infirmity. His faith takes on the virulence of a chronic infection. What he says, in substance, is this: “Let us trust in God, Who has always fooled us in the past.”

Homo Sapiens: Coda
To sum up:
1. The cosmos is a gigantic fly-wheel making 10,000 revolutions a minute.
2. Man is a sick fly taking a dizzy ride on it.
3. Religion is the theory that the wheel was designed and set spinning to give him the ride.

After reading about 20 pages of the book, I found Mencken’s words simply irresistibly charming. I can’t help but thinking: “How can someone be so wise and so eloquent at the same time?” His choice of words is subtle, elegant, and yet powerful. His messages are cloaked with sarcastic remarks, but always pinpoint to the truth. He definitely has the best command of English of all the authors that I know. I just can’t put enough good words to express my adulation.

OK, exactly who is H.L. Mencken? Henry Louis Mencken (AKA: H. L. Mencken) was born in 1880 in Baltimore Maryland. He was a terrific journalist, most famous for his satirical style (which is heavily influenced by Mark Twain) and eventually known as the "Sage of Baltimore". He is often regarded as one of the most influential American writers of the early 20th century. He died in 1956 at the age of 75. His epitaph reads: If after I depart this vale you ever remember me and have thought to please my ghost, forgive some sinner, and wink your eye at some homely girl.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You better believe it!

Rocky VI is coming. I am not joking. Not April Fool yet. The fact is ROCKY IS BACK!!!! My first reaction to this is "Holy Shit!!!!" Don't you think it's pretty crazy for a 59 year old senior to climb back into the ring and fight his guts out in front of million viewers?

When I told my trainer this breaking news, the only thing he said was:
"Come on, get the fuck outta here!"
"No, I am serious. Sylvester decided to shoot the Rocky VI. The news came out yesterday."
"Nah, get the fuck outta here!"

Then, an hour later, I was still sweating, breathing, and trembling on the massage table like an injured dog after a hard long work-out. He was helping me stretch out, and he asked me "seriously, is what you said real? Is he making the Rocky VI now?" "Yes, truth, and nothing but the truth." "Oh, man! What the fuck is he thinking!!!"

Well, my trainer's last comment definitely is not the most delicate things I've ever heard, but I can easly sense the wisdom in his simple words. Yes Indeed, What the Fuck is He Thinking?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Wisconsin keeps the AXE!!!

Yesterday #23 Wisconsin miraculously beat #22 Minnesota (38-34) in the last 30 seconds to win a tough road game and keep the Bunyan Axe Trophy for the second year in a roll. At current record of 6-1, we are still in the driver's seat on the road to Rose Bowl. Oh, yeah, the Big Ten Championship - I can feel it right now. Damn, words alone are not sufficient to describe how happy I was. Time to celebrate!!!!!

trophy_bunyan Posted by Picasa


I came across this new Cross-Word Puzzle type of mind game on TV today. They were talking about the first U.S. Sodoku competition in NYU. (A demo game is attached below.) This puzzle is originated in Japan and imported into United States about five years ago. Apparently it has been gaining popularity and many major newspapers start to print this puzzle game, alone with the traditional Cross-Word Puzzles, on a daily basis. The rule is fairly simple:

Fill in the grid so that
(1) every row,
(2) every column, and
(3) every 3 x 3 box
contains the digits 1 through 9.

I actually found a Sudoku on Sunday's Financial Times and spent some time to solve the puzzle. It was actually pretty fun, just as any other brain teasers. If you have never done one before, give it a try. You may find it interesting.

(P.S. If you find the demo too easy, here is a more difficult one. Enjoy~~)

Iraq War

Here is the quiz question of the day: How long has it been since the Iraq war started? No, no, no... no google here... just to test your memory... en... about a year? or a year and half? Actually my memory is rather fuzzy on this matter, but if I have to guess, I would probably say "a year and half". That sounds about right.

OK, let's find out the answer. According to Google, here are the facts:

The war officially started in March 19, 2003.
(Holy shit, it has been 2 and half years already!! Time does fly, er?!)

US casualties in Iraq are approaching the 2,000 mark.
(Well, this number probably would be dwarfed by Iraqi civilian death tolls, but 2,000 is still a nerve-wracking number to look at.)

Total cost of war is over $200bn already.
(As a tax payer, I absolutely hate to read this number. $200 freaking billion dollars!!!! Can you even fathom the concept of $200bn???)

OK, here is what $200bn can normally do:
1. we could have provided approximately 10 million students four-year scholarships at public universities for one year.
2. we could have hired approximately 3.5 million additional public school teachers for one year.
3. we could have fully funded global anti-hunger efforts for 8 years.
4. we could have fully funded world-wide AIDS programs for 20 years.
5. we could have built approximately 2 million additional public housing units.
The list can go on and on, but you should have got the general idea already. After seeing what happened to New Orlean after the devastating Katrina and all the relief effort from all around the world, I can't help but thinking "wouldn't it be nice if we haven't spent that $200bn?")

OK, enough ranting... Life sucks and we just have to suck it up.

Friday, September 30, 2005



Friday, September 16, 2005

A Heart Attack Today, Almost

I went to this Chinese restaurant to get a take-out for lunch today. I’ve been to this place a hundred times if not more, and as usual I ordered the Fish Filets with Vegetables. While I was eating my lunch at my cube, I was utterly satisfied with the food until I saw something that I was not supposed to see.

A worm. (I really don’t know how to put it in a better way not to gross the hell out of my dear readers.) A worm!! A fucking worm!!!! It’s green; it’s dead; it’s about one and a half centimeters long; and it’s staring at me!!! I looked at it for five seconds. During this precious moment, I told myself “hey, you are Chinese, this is nothing, you’ve seen worse, you are 10 times better than those Americans, come on, let’s handle it in a civilized way, don’t make a big fuss out of it, just calm down, throw this little creature out, and finish the fish, you need the protein, you can do it” ……. Five seconds later…..

FUCK!!!!! MY FUCKING FOOD!!! THIS’S FUCKING GROSS!!!” I screamed in my cube. I started to sweat. My forehead all got wet. My hands were shaking. I could barely breathe. I could not even see well.

“What happened? Are you OK?” my colleagues were confused. “Just look at it yourself please” I was too weak to tell the truth. “Is it what I think it is?” a colleague asked after looking at my lunch box. “Yes, unfortunately it’s exactly what you think it is” “Then, you are fucked.” “Yes, unfortunately I am fucked.”

Then, an Indian VP came over and took a look. “Sweet, it’s a worm!” he was pleasantly surprised. “Sweet? I don’t know how it tastes, my friend, but I guarantee you that it’s not sweet. It’s a fucking worm!!” I was totally pissed at this worm-in-the-food situation.

The only female in the group finally asked the question that she wanted to ask for a long time “Did you eat the worm?” “NO, of course NOT!” “Oh, well….. sorry about the whole thing” But somehow her voice revealed a sense of disappointment.

Now after 5 minutes of rest and plenty of water to rinse my mouth, I calmed down and started to reflect what I’ve just did. A sense of overwhelming guilt just hit me. I am really ashamed of myself. The unbearable fact is I am no better than any Americans. I am weak. I am soft. I am a chicken. Fuck, I am not even a chicken. Even chicken eats worm. It is official now: I am a disgrace to my fellow country men. After spending 7 years in US, I degenerated to a level I’ve never envisioned: I act like a light-hearted American now. How I wish I could go back to those good old days, the time I could drink a bow of soup (with a fly drown in it) without a sweat.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

I love Netflix!

First of all, Netflix is not my wife’s name. It’s not even a woman. (Not a man either.) For those who have never heard of Netflix before, it’s an inexpensive online DVD rental service that sends your selected DVDs through mail. I have been a Netflix subscriber for about half year now, and all I can say is “wow”. As a movie lover, I absolutely recommend Netflix to anyone who also enjoys movies.

I used to hate rentals. To rent a DVD is painful, and to return it is even worse. I usually couldn’t find the movie of my first choice and had to settle for something else. That’s why I ended up buying quite a few DVDs. But Netflix is different. You can actually rent movies without driving, walking, or flying to any rental stores. All you need to do is to select the movies online and they will magically appear in your mailbox couple days later. When you are returning the movies, you simply put the DVDs into the pre-paid envelops and send them out through regular mail. Netflix is simple, painless, and hassle-free. There is no late fees, no unavailability, no irritating waiting line, no need to sign your credit card every time you rent, no complicated planning when to make the trip to the so-called-“nearby”-but-actually-not-so-close Block Buster.

It is not only convenient, but also cheap. For an unlimited 3-disc out plan, it’s only $18/month. If you watch 9 DVDs a month, it’s just $2 per movie. It’s a lot cheaper than buying the DVDs and watch only twice, if not less. It’s also cheap compared to movie theaters. The mere 18-bucks probably only covers one person for one movie in NYC nowadays. I am paying about $80/month for my cable, but I seldom watch them now (unless it’s sports-related) after I got Netflix.

Another major benefit of Netflix is the movie selection it offers. The movie database on Netflix is massive. With over 50,000 titles, it’s extremely difficult to find nothing interesting (unless you are chronically depressed and suicidal). The Netflix system is actually very smart. It can recommend movies to you based on your past rating and renting history. You may end up watching some very entertaining French or Spanish movies that you’ve never heard of. To be honest, Hollywood sucks right now and I am very disappointed at most of the stupid crap that pours out of this American pop-culture garbage can. So I’d rather grab a beer and watch great movies from all over the world at the convenience of my own apartment.

I can’t say enough good words for Netflix. You have to join it to experience this wonderful service.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Scary Babies

Today is one of those annoying take-your-baby-to-work days. The crying and screaming cacophony makes me dizzy. To be honest, I can’t think of any legitimate reason to take a baby to work. “Baby” and “work”? Are you kidding me? Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never seen any baby sitting in front of a computer working on excel spreadsheets.

I believe the presence of babies is very bad for the business. In additional to their superior ability to make noises and disturb the hell out of everyone around, they actually somehow lower your intelligence level substantially. Take me for example. When I first met Ethan, my friend’s 6-month old cute boy, I was like being brainwashed and couldn’t even tell right or wrong. I could sit in the couch several hours straight just pointlessly looking at Ethan, and laugh at any tiny thing that he does. I even laughed when he spits. What's wrong with me? I was so easily entertained that I felt like a zombie with zero intellectual capacity. What's really scary was that I was not alone. Everyone around the baby that day acted strangely. Something profound had happened in that house and I am pretty sure of it. The baby seemed to have some kind of mind control ability and just rendered all of us brainless. Now I think about it - wow, that’s creepy!

Babies are monsters!!! Remember you’ve been warned.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


最近终于忍不住找了个健身教练,忍痛割血啊,在信用卡帐单上签名的时候,咬着牙的对自己嘟囔着:“妈的,不就是钱么?!”找这个教练其实也是有缘由的。自己泡在健身房里也算有年头了吧,效果虽然有,但实在不算显著,与自己的目标相距甚远。(我的目标其实很简单,就是要寻找那传说中的六片腹肌,反正我只听说这东西人人都有,但就不知道是长在什么地方的)每个月的会员费我也照交,锻炼起来却总是三天打鱼两天晒网的,冬天一来连续5个月不去健身房的事情我也做过,呵呵,所以时不时有浪费钱的内疚感。那天正在练胸肌的器械上开小差呢,一个憨厚无比又粗壮无比的黑人健身教练就来给我搭茬。(估计我是那种一看就知道的后进生。)聊着聊着,他突然蹦出一句“I will give you the results that you are looking for!”。嗯,他的目光中闪烁着的夺目光芒我现在还记得。我当时一听,就好似五雷轰顶般的呆若木鸡,“难道… 难道….我这辈子还真能找到那传说的腹肌?”我就像中了邪一样开始傻笑。直到他让我拿出信用卡的时候,我才恢复神志。

但通过这几次的训练,现在觉得这钱花得实在挺值。每次锻炼归来,真能感觉到自己的肌肉呼啦呼拉的长,那感觉很奇妙,这也就是所谓“茁壮成长”的感觉吧。我以前一直特别喜欢健玩身以后那种肌肉酸酸的感觉,觉得很有成就感。不过现在可惨了,有点“be careful what you wish for”的味道,因为我现在每天晚上都是肌肉酸痛的在床上到处打滚。一个礼拜两次的训练,让这种疼痛感源源不断的,一波接一波的涌来,排山倒海一般。我有一次连做梦都是肌肉酸痛的。


Monday, August 08, 2005


"Laptop" is an ironic term. Why would we name something "laptop" if it is not even suitable to be operatd on laps? Tonight I experianced such irony first-handed - I almost got my legs burned after using a notebook on my lap for about 40 minutes.

I think so called "laptop" can be an ideal torturing device. If the American Army gets some of these hot babies, they definitely don't need those cheesy sex games to torture any Al-Qaeda prisoners. They can simply say: "Where is Bin Laden?? You better say something now, or I will put a laptop on you!!" "Oh!!!! Please, please... don't.... Anything but not LAPTOPS!!!! I tell you where he is... I will tell you everything! He is in a cave northeast of ..........." See, that's a good use of laptops.

Heehee... I guess you can have all sorts of fun with laptops, but just don't put them on your laps.

Monday, August 01, 2005

This is how a Good day turn into something Ugly

Today should otherwise be a good day for me, not untill I saw the following article on New York Times. I am really upset after reading the article. Damn, the world is going backward now. Still can't believe it's happening.

Bible Course Becomes a Test for Public Schools in Texas


Saturday, July 23, 2005






Monday, July 18, 2005

Is Love Blind? Oh, Definitely.




Monday, July 04, 2005

Golf Time!!

I always like golf. Using an iron stick to hit something voilently definitely sounds appealing to me. However, ever since I took a golf class in my senior year in college, I never got a chance to play the game in any consistent way. Finally now I have a car and the weather is wonderful, so this is GOLF TIME!!! I will try every hard this summer to improve my game. Watch out Tiger, I am coming!!!

I went to the driving range with a friend yesterday and played slightly over an hour. It was so much fun. I felt really good when I made a solid contact on the sweet spot. But overall, I was rusty. I couldn't handle the driver. Slicing is still my big problem. I have to work on that. The good news was that I used 7 iron all right. Irons are always a lot easier to use than drivers. Hopefully by the end of this summer, I can get my stoke back and manage to use drivers, irons, pitchers, and putters effectively.

Woods, I guess you can still keep your green jacket......... for now.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Movie - [Fargo]

Personally I like this movie. The story goes like this: a timid and apparently over-stressed middle-class husband desperately needs a large sum of money to finance his brilliant investment project. He decides to get the funding in a most absurd way: hire someone to kidnap his homely wife and get the money when his rich father-in-law pays the "ransom". Just like in a real life, things don't go exactly the way you want, and an avalanche of disasters are bound to happen.

The movie is modest paced, not too fast, not too slow, just the way it should be. It is also wonderfully directed with certain black humor elements here and there. The overall character acting is amazing. Everything just feels right. William H. Macy (Main Character) and Frances McDormand's (the pregnant sheriff) performances are especially worthnoting. (Frances McDormand laterly on won the Oscar that year.) The movie honestly shows you how things get out of hand fast whenever you cross the line.

I have to warn you though; Fargo may not be the movie for everyone. It has certain graphically disturbing scenes that some may not appreciate. These scenes are not at the level of Reservoir Dogs yet, but it's getting close. Well, you get the idea.

What I like the most about this movie is its punch line: "There is more to life than just a little bit of money." This is so true. This movie did a superb job to get this message across. Definitely there are times during the movie I sighed "come on, you don't have to do that for just $80,000." It is sad that sometimes people are overly preoccupied with the idea of wealth creation that they end up sacrificing too much for too little.

Fargo is an entertaining thriller that will definitely keep you interested for the duration of the movie. I highely recommened it, especially if you are a fan of Quentin Tarantino. BTW, regardless what it says in the beginning of the movie, Fargo is, in fact, not based on a true story.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Book - [Dune]

Finally I finished this legendary book after hours of reading on the subway. (FYI, I only read book when I am riding subways. For some unknown reason, subway and book really have some kind of magic on me.) Dune, a Hugo and Nebula Award winner, is considered by many as one of the most famous and successful science fiction novels ever written. I simply can’t agree more. Dune is a masterpiece that is hard to top.

Dune tells us the story about House Atreides’ fate on the newly acquired Arrakis (appointed by the Emperor), a deserted planet that has nothing but the ferocious sand storm and precious spice. In order to control the spice, a vital material that is not only essential for interstellar travel but also addictive for personal pleasure, the rival House of Harkonnen (also the previous governor of Arrakis) ambushed the House Atreides, killed the old Duke, and left young Paul Atreides and his mother Jessica in the deep desert to be devoured by the mystic giant sand worms. Will Paul and Jessica survive? Will they be able to revenge the pain that Harkonnen has inflicted on them? Read Dune and find out the answers yourself.

Dune is full of suspense. The plot involves almost all aspects of human societies, including politics, military, economics, culture, religion, family, and romance. The storyline is intriguing and contains tweaks within tweaks. The universe that it creates is unique, consistent, and believable. The characters are sophisticated, real, and full-fledged. Some of the concepts that Dune introduces are simply fascinating, such as the gigantic sand worms, water preserving stillsuits, the addictive spice that tastes different every time you try it, the Bene Gesserit "witches" who are expert with voice and sound, the Mantat who can see the future, the Reverend Mother who has the wisdom of two minds, and etc,.

Final words: Dune Series is simply too good to pass by and I highly recommend it to any sci-fi fans. Read it at all costs!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Movie - [Madagascar]

To be honest, I am utterly disappointed at this movie. I had high expectation going to the theater but felt empty in my stomach afterwards. This movie doesn't even stand a chance against other Hollywood animations that I've seen in recent years, including Finding Nemo, The Incredible, and Shrek.

Don't get me wrong though, I am not saying this is not an entertaining movie, it really is. It has eough stuff to make you laugh from the beginning to the end. It has some interesting characters (or animals), such as the Pengiums and Raccoons. However, this movie has its deadly shortcomings. Here are its seven sins:

1. The underwhelming grahpics
Madagascar's graphics are arguebly even worse than Toy Story 2, which was made 6 years ago. Go figure.

2. Ben Stiller's uninspiring voice
Ben Stiller is never famous for his voice. In fact, his voice is barely reconizable. His vocal lacks command and depth for a powerful lion.

3. The Hippo that doesn't belong
Well, except for the purpose of having a female character in the movie the Hippo has virtuely no active parts in the movie. Her character is ill-defined and does not serve for a purpose. She is not even as funny as Giraffe, another character that's in the movie for the sake of being in the movie.

4. The story.. or the lack of
For more or less, a movie is about story telling (unless you are talking about porno here). The story that Madagascar is trying to tell is extremely simple: it's about how a lion becomes a sushi-lover. Oh, boy.. I am not kidding.

5. The substanceless laughs
I actually laughed quite a bit during the movie. However, most of the laughs does not involve your brain. Witty jokes are far and few. Somehow I felt like I was watching "Friends". People laugh only because Ross or Joey act silly. That's why I always think "Friends" is more like a circuit than a comedy.

6. The ending that really sucks
I will not discuss any detail for now, just in case you still plan to watch the movie.

7. The absence of a true spirit
This is actually my biggest complain. Any good animation has some sort of spirit, or essence. The original Gundam is an anti-war masterpiece. Shrek tells us how to judge a person, not by outside but rather by inside. Finding Nemo shows how family love gives us strengh and courage. Spirited Away demonstrates how greed consumes people. What about Madagascar? en.... It's not really about friendship... it's not really about pursuing your dreams.. it's not really about challenging yourself to the extreme... it's really about how a lion becomes a sushi-lover... great... how inspiring!!!

Final words: Madagascar does not warrant your hard-earned $10. You may rent it after it's on DVD.

Friday, May 27, 2005


利物浦在上半场0比3落后的情况下,坚忍不拔的连扳三城,最终在点球大战里战胜了球星云集的AC米兰,哈哈,利物浦终于在20年后再次捧起欧洲冠军杯奖杯!!!!作为利物浦球迷的我(现在可能已经沦为伪球迷了,因为我除了4个人之外,根本叫不出其他利物浦球员的名字),当然是欢欣鼓舞。哈哈,看来利物浦的manager也不是吃素的。当初顶着压力大换血,把欧文卖走,硬是用一波新人打天下,加上今年联赛成绩很不如人意,很有点大厦将倾的感觉。这个冠军奖杯可真是及时雨啊,估计现在没人可以怀疑放走欧文的决策了,杰拉德的领袖地位也进一步巩固,所有的doubter都可以彻底的shut up了。通过这个奖杯,估计今后的招兵买马也会顺利很多,英超豪门的地位希望可以再次建立起来。哈哈,让我们祝愿利物浦今后千秋万载,一通江湖吧!!!

Friday, May 20, 2005










Friday, May 06, 2005




(2)一般而言,当日本公司中国区业务下滑的时候,CEO们都会列出一大串理由来解释,什么石油价格上扬啊,市场过度竞争啊,科技变革带来的行业萎缩啊,中国国内经济低迷啊什么的。为了保住自己饭碗,CEO们的逻辑很简单:市场上不利因素很多,就不关我的事。其实CEO也没说谎,任何业务下滑都是多方面因素导致的,谁也没有办法白纸黑字的断定某种因素就是罪魁祸首。呵呵,如果你仔细看过公司的年度财务报表,或者听过公司CEO在每季度的earning conference call上的发言,你就着知道我在说什么。所以那些受影响的企业和个人肯定会将经济上的损失部分归咎于这场运动,但同时我不认为所有的企业和个人会一口咬定抵制日货运动应该对所有的销售下降负100%的责。我们不妨估计85%受影响的日本人(企业)会将他们的经济损失归咎于这场运动。
(5)现在我们来看看到底日本政府会面对什么样的国内压力,到底有多少日本人会因为这场运动来谴责自己的政府。25% x 85% x 50% x 100% = 10.6%. 哪怕根据最最最乐观的估计,看来只有10%左右的日本人会因为这场运动来谴责自己的政府,而且这一计算并没有考虑任何由这场运动带来的负面报道。如果仔细考虑日方的负面报道的话,很可能日本人现在对中国的好感不是上升了,而是下降了。日本毕竟是民主制的政府,什么都是考虑民意,如果最多只有10%的人抗议的话,日本政府在真正承受的压力其实小之又小。加上小泉最近的口头道歉已经把日本国内仅有的不满呼声彻底平息,让日本进一步道歉的可能已经彻底消失。这场运动到现在为止其实已经算是功德圆满了,继续下去的话实在没有任何意义了。



Tuesday, May 03, 2005






抵制日货实质上就是种牺牲。消费者牺牲了自己的福利,放弃购买了对自己而言性价比最优的产品。牺牲的大小取决于“非日货”替代品的性能差距和稀缺性。差距越大,替代商品越稀缺,牺牲就越大,同时抵制的动力也越小,口号也越弱; 差距越小,替代商品越丰富,牺牲就越小,同时抵制的动力也越大,口号也越响。这也就是为什么摄影爱好者一般都不大喜欢高喊“抵制日货”,而网上你却常常可以看见什么“从今天起,打死不吃寿司”的帖子。呵呵,毕竟找一个和佳能尼康一样性能的照相机不容易,但再找一个美味的餐馆可是容易得多。举个更极端的例子,假设我的亲人得了一种病,而只有日本产的一种药(专利保护的,其他国没有产的)才能治好这个病,我能不能抵制日货?嗯。。。这个牺牲可以算得上是终极牺牲了,估计没有人可以做到。所以说,现实生活中抵制日货的程度完全取决于我们愿意做出牺牲的程度,这个程度又是和(1)对日本的仇恨程度,(2)经济的富裕程度,紧密相连的。有钱人才能负担的起由于抵制带来的额外经济成本,穷人那里做得到?任何人都没有理由去强迫别人作出一样的牺牲。中国毕竟还是个穷国,总体人均收入仍然非常低,从宏观角度上来看,我们目前还负担不起这种福利的损失。这也就是我为什么极其反对的一刀切似的鼓励所有人都要抵制日货的行为。我更讨厌任何用爱国不爱国等所谓道德利刃去逼迫别人就范的企图。其实,如果你真的愿意做些事情来让全世界人民了解中国在二战时期的惨痛遭遇,以及揭露日本右翼的丑恶嘴脸,你完全可以有更好的方法。我会以后再写写这方面的文章(哈哈,先吊一下读者们的胃口),盲目的强迫他人“抵制日货”只是下下策。

现在日本经济结构是以高科技为主,精密制造业为辅的格局,总体而言是在商品食物链的高端。这种商品的替代性就远比食物链低端商品的替代性弱。换句话说,这样的经济结构会必然导致抵制过程中的高成本。比如说国内引进的高速悬浮式铁路,这种高科技的东西全世界就三个国家可以造,而且替代性很低,大家都有各自的优点和缺点,适合不同情况下应用。结果证明,日本的技术提供了最佳的性价比,所以尽管国内反日情绪那么高涨,政府都没有办法在这个项目上强行抵制日货,其实就是因为替代成本过高。记得当时网上愤青们个个都愤怒得热泪盈眶,可惜他们看不到这些潜在的替代成本,呵呵,当然了,他们本身也根本不在乎这些成本计算,反日对他们而言已经变成了一种不可或缺的 religion 和 life style。如果日本的商品结构和越南一样,以轻工业,农纺织品加工业为主的话,那我们就好办多了,毕竟替代成本低多了。可惜,日本不是越南。


我认为它不成立,原因很简单,如果它成立的话(也就是说抵制日货可以让日本在经济上彻底垮掉),why stop here? 我们可以继续抵制美国货,让美国垮掉;继续抵制欧盟货,让欧盟垮掉;继续抵制马尔代夫货,哈哈,让它垮掉,然后我们把它买过来当第二个海南岛来玩玩;最后让我们抵制其他所有国家的世界货,让全世界都垮掉,唯我独尊。。。。。哈哈,Perfect, we can dominate the world this way!!!!! 嗯,再仔细想想,好像有这么一点点不大对,这怎么听起来这么耳熟呢?哦,原来1840年之前和1949年之后,我们都尝试过啊,妈的,好像不大work的样子。原来闭关锁国是锁不死别人的,要死也就能锁死自己。


Friday, April 29, 2005


最近抵制日货的风潮是越刮越盛,光“如果你不怎么怎么着,你就不是中国人”的email就收了若干封。(我最烦这个了,我是不是中国人还用你写封email来告诉我??Who the fuck do you think you are?) 本来一直忍着不打算发表任何意见,总觉得不论我说什么都没什么用,谁也改变不了谁。但今天实在忍不住了,还是写一点自己的感想吧,希望我的小读者们也能够听到一些不同的声音。








原产地原则:很简单,你看这个商品背后怎么写的,Made in China就是国货,Made in Japan就是日本货,一目了然。
股权原则:看到底净收入(Net Income)分成比例如何,也就说看到底谁拥有最多的股份。如果某国公民(或法人)是控股了一间公司最多的股票,那么这间公司的产品就算某国货。但现实生活中,对于绝大多数的跨国公司而言,其控股人是数不胜数的(比如通用汽车,如果你拥有1%的股票,你就能排上Top 20的股东),这么多控股人的国籍是极其难以统计的。如果再算上股票市场每天交易状况,很可能今天是日本人拥有最多股份,明天就是美国人了,到头来你还是一头雾水。
其他考虑因素:目前而已,我只从公司收入(Net Income, Revenue)方面考虑,如果考虑公司债务人的因素(debt holder, corporate bond holder),那涉及面就更广,更复杂。比如说GM(通用汽车)吧,如果他倒闭了,谁会哭得最凶?公司股票持有者?发给公司贷款的银行?买了GM债券的共同基金?投资银行?GM的汽车零部件供应商?同时GM的倒闭肯定让Ford公司的投资者感到不安,甚至使整个美国股市,债市都感到不安,导致股市大跌,债市崩盘,呵呵,所有金融机构都要哭了。所有相关金融机构又都包括各式各样的中国人,美国人,日本人,法国人,英国人。。。。。所以,像GM这种公司如果倒了,感到切肤之痛的远远不局限于美国人。


原产地原则:中国货(Made in China)


商品三:中国一汽生产的Mazda轿车 (中方控股)

商品四:Sony Pictures Classics在北美distribute的电影Kung Fu Hustle (功夫)
最大利益者原则:不知道。这是一个非常复杂的例子。这取决于周星驰和Sony的合同了。如果合同规定:Sony支付100万美金购买发行权,然后所有收入70/30(Sony/周星驰)分。这样的话,当北美票房小于500万的时候,周星驰是最大利益获得者;当北美票房超过500万的话,Sony就是变成了最大利益者。 同时还要取决于美国本土电影院的分成情况,所以也有可能是美国货,毕竟放映的电影院都是美国人开的。

商品五:Sony公司即将推出的PlayStation 3
股权原则:日本货 (Sony应该是日本人拥有的吧)
最大利益者原则:不知道。这是一个更加复杂的例子。PS3用的计算单元(CPU)是IBM, SONY, & Toshiba共同研制的, IBM肯定是大东家,并且芯片制造由IBM和Toshiba两家的芯片厂生产。图形单元 (GPU)是Nvidia(美国公司)设计的,由IBM生产。光驱是blue-ray,是Sony支持倡导的一种新型格式。每卖一台PS3,SONY肯定是亏损的,成本起码要超出售价100到200美金。硬件上的亏损,从软件上赚回来,这是game console的不变定律。如果单从硬件上考虑,最大利益者很可能是IBM,Nvidia等美国公司,或者是组装国(新加坡什么的)。如果从长期来看,如果硬件卖得好,导致软件上成绩卓越,Sony应该是最后的赢家。但如果你只买硬件,死活不买游戏,Sony就很伤。


Thursday, April 28, 2005


昨天晚上去健身房打了一会儿篮球,这可是自去年入冬以来第一次打,手早就痒痒的不行了。结果我打得很滥,不光投不准,跑不动,就连trash talking这项绝活都没有发挥出来,非常有失水准,呵呵。但总体来说还是觉得非常爽的,吱吱扭扭的木地板,室内场地运球时发出的回声,以及湿乎乎的身体碰撞都让我兴奋不已。This is BASKETBALL time!!!

和我们一起玩的有一个黑人小伙,巨猛。个子不是特别高,大约一米八的样子,但不论干什么都有板有眼的,很有大将之风。能抢篮板,能扣篮,运球运的眼花缭乱,而且中投奇准,10发9中那种,看得我眼睛都直了。我一看就觉得他肯定打过是校队的,不是高中就是大学的,后来一问,果然如此,他以前是Princeton大学校队的控球后卫。我听后不禁倒吸口凉气,这些职业(半职业)的选手真不是吃素的。职业和业余, 那真是天壤之别啊。

其实不仅是篮球,什么东西都是这样,职业和业余的距离都是应该以光年来计算的。哪怕不说这些靠身体素质吃饭的项目,就连一些你觉得不是很talent demanding的项目,业余选手都没得玩。打游戏都是这样,网上那些职业选手能打得你一边哭一边找火机自焚,一点都不夸张。打扑克也是啊,职业玩家一看你就知道你手里是什么牌,有没有bluff,感觉上就像你摊着牌跟人打似的。就连吃饭我们都没得比,职业选手最牛的能在15分钟内吃50多个热狗,我估计就是撑死吃7个,拿杆枪顶着脑袋吃10个,就算你要活生生剁了我也吃不了15个的那种。所以我还是比较佩服那些职业选手的,不论什么项目,只要是别人是职业选手,你业余的玩家就怎么练都不成,呵呵。

Monday, April 25, 2005

Why am I here?

Haven’t written anything for a long time. Not that I don’t have anything to say, hehe, if you know me in person, you definitely know what I mean. But I have been doing some thinking lately, “Can my Blog be truly meaningful? i.e., can my thoughts/ideas make this world a better place?” Please, don’t laugh, I am dead serious.

I have to admit that I am still an idealist to some degree. I still have the dream to build a better world. I like to see people laugh and I hate to see those nasty things out there. When I start this Blog, I have a secret agenda. (Heehee, again, don’t laugh…) I want to influence others through my writing and to somehow make this a slightly better world. (Similar to what Ender’s Brother and Sister, Peter and Valentine, did in the book … of course, to a lesser degree.) I have strong beliefs in certain things and I want others to share such beliefs. I hope that my Blog can be relevant and thought-provoking and somehow bring some good to this world.

However, I am not too sure about it now. I still have things to say but I really don’t know if words alone will change anything in any noticeable way. People don’t change and they will keep believing what they choose to believe till they die. For example, I have so much to say about this “Anti-Japanese Products Movement” in China, but I didn’t write anything at all. NOTHING. ZERO. EMPTY. The reason is simple: I really don’t believe my writing will change this irrational movement in any material way. I don’t even think people care what others have to say. After witnessing some heated discussion on various BBS forums, I noticed that people take way more pleasure and interests in name-calling and cursing than anything else. I suddenly realized the fact that I simply can’t convince anybody for anything. This fact really hurts me. The world is a darker place than I thought and you can simply do nothing about it.

Should I keep writing, even if it doesn't do anything? I don’t know. I really don’t.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Florida - "We Know Drama" too

Federal court set to hear Schiavo's case

The Florida's case now is in the hand of the Federal court... Great, let the drama continue.

I have one questions though, quoted from Bill Maher, "Why it's always the religious people who are having the most difficult time meeting their God?"

Thursday, March 17, 2005

March Madness Again

没有NCAA男子篮球的三月是怎么样的?我不知道,也不想知道。三月疯是让人迷恋的,对很多平时不得不疯狂工作的人来说,这可是一个从天上掉下来的3-week vacation,只不过度假的地点在办公室里。大家工作的效率都降到了一个骇人听闻的地步。没人去关心市场上发生了什么,大家更关心的是自己的Final 4 picks还剩下几个。在过去两天里,我花了几乎一半的时间在上网研究我的picks,然后信心十足把我的bracket 递到我们group的小Analyst手里。这个可怜的Analyst然后要把将20多份的bracket都手工的输入电脑,然后根据实际的比赛结果来更新积分榜,看谁是领头羊。我们这个小组人不多,所以我们总共的pool也不大,很有限,大约四五百块钱的样子。在trading floor上的人就更专业点,有专门的trader making a market on various teams. 所有的球队都可以在这个公开的期货市场上交易,根据比赛结果,所有球队的价值或涨或跌。一份payout $100的Illinois合同目前价格在$20左右。

好了,废话少说,以下是我的Final 4 Picks:

(1) # 2 Seed Oklahoma State (24-6)

Illinois is the most favored team. They are 30-1 in the regular season and have the best back-court in college basket today. But I don’t think they are tough enough inside. When they were playing Wisconsin in the regular season, they had a tough time defending the paint. I saw that game live and I didn’t like what I saw. I am picking Oklahoma State over Illinois because I believe Oklahoma State’s toughness and inside presence will force Illinois to pack and head home.

(2) # 3 Seed Gonzaga (25-4)

Gonzaga has always been a good team. They have enough firepower to play against anyone in the country. Regardless their seeding, they are always dangerous. The section they are in this year is potentially the second weakest. Washington is over-rated, the same as last year’s Stanford. Pac-10 is no longer a dominant force in college basketball these days. Wake Forest is always soft, mentally. I won’t put any chips in them. The only real challenge is Louisville. They are well-coached and ready to play. But if I have to choose, I will still put money on Gonzaga. Just call it an “instinct”.

(3) # 1 Seed UNC (27-4)

This year could be well be North Carolina’s year. It’s been a while since last time UNC was seeded #1, and they are deservedly so. With their unmatched scoring talents, they can knock out anyone on their way to the Final 4. UConn is the only obstacle. But if they can beat UConn once in the regular season, they can definitely do it again. I have to admit though, it’s a tough pick. I like UConn a lot, but UNC this year may just be a little bit better.

(4) # 1 Seed Duke (25-5)

Devils, devils, and devils. It’s always about the Devils, isn’t it? They may well have the best Forward-Guard combo in the nation. Both J.J. Redick and Shelden Williams are simply too good. As juniors, they have enough tournament experiences when the game is on the line. Syracuse may be the only threat but Syracuse’s inconsistence will not make them go far.

Here are my picks and let’s see what happens.

(I actually pick Duke to win it all, beating Oklahoma State in the final.)

Friday, March 11, 2005

Monday, March 07, 2005



袜子就好像The Shawshank Redemption里的Andy,平时忍辱负重,但一有机会就逃之夭夭。当然我承认袜子的遭遇实在不比监狱的犯人强多少,平时上班的时候要暗无天日的环境下伺候臭烘烘的脚丫子,好不容易轮休的时候也还要和equally臭烘烘的内衣裤挤在一起打地铺,这日子的确没什么盼头。两周一次的洗衣服是袜子们唯一的快乐时光了。老实点的袜子估计就享受一下阳光雨露,呼吸着香喷喷的泡沫,在滚筒洗衣机里畅游一把。这也就相当于我们的夏威夷度假吧。不老实的袜子呢,就乘别人不注意,一闪身的跑到外面的崭新世界里happily ever after。


Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Best Games I’ve Ever Played

1. Civilization II (Turn-Based Strategy)1995


2. StarCraft - BroodWar (Real Time Strategy)1998

一句话:这是有史以来最好的即时策略游戏。就算到今天,还是没有任何游戏可以超越它的,包括Warcraft III。这个游戏可以说是真正意义上的完美之作,三个种族之间的平衡性是无以伦比的。这个游戏真正开创了竞技电子游戏的先河,没有它,就没有今天的WCG(World Cyber Gaming)盛况。

3. Heroes of Might and Magic III (Turn-Based Strategy)1999


4. Baldur’s Gate II (Role Playing Game)2001

<博得之门2>是我第一次接触到AD&D的世界。AD&D不是保险里的Accidental Death & Disarmament,而是Advanced Dungeon & Dragon,也就是西方的神话世界。Dark Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Giant, Rouge, Paladin, Ranger, 和最恐怖的Dragon,都会出现在你的眼前。游戏的故事千曲百折,但毫不杂乱。人物的刻画也是入木三分,Minsk的鲁莽,Imoen的善良,以及主角内心的挣扎与痛苦都展现的活灵活现。这个游戏就像一个生活卷轴,背叛,遗弃,友谊,爱恋,善良,邪恶,牺牲,亲情都囊括其中。AD&D里的20-face dice也让我心仪已久,到底是什么样子的呢?热切期盼<博得之门3>中。。

5. Gran Turismo III (Racing/Driving)2003

是我买PS2的唯一原因。好久以前就听说这个游戏有多好多好,于是有一天实在忍不住了,就去捧了个PS2回来,当然也捧回来了这个游戏。我很喜欢开车,这个游戏当之无愧是我玩过所有游戏里最接近现实的一款。车子在高速入弯和出弯的时候,都容易打滑,尤其是后轮驱动的车,很有真实感。在跑越野赛的时候,通过恰到好处的刹车和加速,以及方向的运作,你可以像电视的WRC上那些选手一样腾云驾雾般的通过hairpin corners. 游戏中严格的考牌制度强迫你去练习开车技术,我认为这对我的驾驶技术提高非常有帮助,尽管有时候某一个牌照试了15次都fail的感觉非常糟糕。这是一款很严肃的赛车游戏,如果你是个糟糕的车手只是想找找乐子,这个游戏不适合你,但如果你喜欢开车,你一定不会失望。This game is the best of the best!!

6. Halo 2 (First Person Shooting)2005

我买了之后,很长一段时间都不喜欢玩这个游戏。觉得头晕,而且不就打打杀杀么,有什么好玩。但后来朋友来家里坐坐的时候,才发现多人打Halo是一件多么爽的事情。当你用shotgun把别人打得嗷嗷乱叫的时候,心头的喜悦无法言表。 Halo 2 更是支持Xbox Live,那就更爽了,你可以带着对讲机和十万八千里外的朋友一起打。真是老毛那句话呀,“人与人斗,其乐无穷”。游戏里每次转过一个墙角的时候,都是胆颤心惊的,因为你永远都不知道拐角后面有没有蹲着一个拿着火箭筒的鬼子瞄着你。4对4群队作战讲究配合和战术,其复杂程度和乐趣都是单人游戏没有办法比拟的。这个游戏rocks!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My Dream Jobs (2)

I want to be a professional gamer. This is such a no-brainer. I’ve been paying to play video games throughout my life, and I certainly don’t mind doing the same while earning some serious bucks. It is reported that the top pro-gamers in Korea are able to bank around $150,000 a year. I know it’s not Donald Trump’s type of money, but hey, I can live with that. But the catch is that you have to win tournaments. Beside rigorous trainings (at least 8 hours a day for most pros), you need to have super-human reflexes and be able to have APM (Action Per Minute) of 300+. Since I am just an average man with average reflexes, I probably end up wasting all my time without earning a dime. I may even earn myself the title of "The most good looking pro-gamer who never wins" if I am lucky enough. I can certain try the Kournikova way - rich, famous, but sucks at what s/he does. However, given the demographic distribution of those avid gamers, namely 20-something heterosexual male nerds, I doubt if I will have any sexual appeal whatsoever. My parents definitely will throw my computer, XBOX, PS2, or whatever device that I have, out of the window to end my short-lived career.

I want to be an underground racer. I love to drive fast and furious. I believe I am a good driver and have some intuitions about driving. I enjoy the idea of upgrading my cars in the after-market, modifying the exhaust system, fooling around with the computer chips in the engine, increasing horsepower by adding a turbine… and etc... etc... all sound wonderful to me. For any given night, these illegal races can bring me north of $5K, which is really sweet. But the problem is that I need to have a really decent car to start with. Subaru WRX STI will do but it will at least cost me $35K. I will try to deliver pizza to earn some money, since delivering pizza helps me familiarize the streets. However, since that job really doesn’t pay well, I probably have to deliver a lot of pizza to afford a STI, and then deliver more pizza to afford any after-market upgrades. Then, given the high gas prices, I need to deliver even more pizza to cover the gas money (I need to practice a lot in local streets and Subaru’s low gas mileage doesn’t help either.) I most likely will receive quite a few speeding tickets during my practice and in order to pay those fines, my pizza delivery career just gets longer and longer. I probably will never make it to the underground since I am delivering the fucking pizza all the time. Also I will never be able to afford any buy-in money. I am more likely to end up owning a pizza store than anything else. I am also likely to be remembered as the fastest pizza delivery boy ever in the history of New York. Yeah, how glorious is that!

(To be continued)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Movie Review - [Million Dollar Baby]

Watched “Million Dollar Baby” couple nights ago and really liked it. It’s a movie about life, responsibility, and love. The movie tells a story about a struggling boxing coach and his new female protégé. I won’t go into any detail here, since I don’t know how to do so without giving away too much. Here are my thoughts, random thoughts, after the movie:

1. Life. “Life is not measured by the number of breath you take, but rather it is measured by the number of moments that take your breath away.” Who said this doesn’t matter (FYI, it’s Pat Riley), but this sentence somehow captures the essence of the movie. Yes, it is important that we all enjoy a long, healthy life. However, longevity should not be the only purpose of living. We should not just live for the sake of being alive. At the end of the day, when we look back, as long as we can say “I did all right”, that’s enough.

2. Responsibility. Besides ourselves, we are responsible to others, including our spouses, parents, children, and etc. We need to make sure that all these people are in a good state, both mentally and physically. However, we usually forget about the real point of such responsibility. It’s not meant to make us feel better, but rather to ensure the people we care a better life, a life that is not measure by the number of breath they take. We have to achieve a balance between what we think is good for them and what they desperately need. Whenever we cross the line, sad things happen. Remember, we only live our lives; let others live theirs.

3. Love. Love, affection, whatever you call it, is the emotion that binds people together. It changes “you” and “me” into a “we”. It’s a beautiful thing. However, obsession, control, and possessiveness are all the inevitable side effects of such strong emotion. The fact is no matter how suitable two people are, they are still two individuals. They view the world differently, they think differently, and they express themselves differently. After all, it involves two brains here. Therefore, let both brains work and don’t ever let one dominate the other. Respect the other brain and listen to what it has to say.

All being said, "Million Dollar Baby" is an excellent movie directed by Clint Eastwood and it definitely worth your time and money.

Friday, February 11, 2005



我其实已开始就抱着一种残忍的心态去看这晚会的。我的目的很单纯,就是要看一下它到底有多滥,然后写篇文章来臭骂它一通。哎,我这也是给逼出来的,去年的时候我倒是兴致勃勃地看了一把,结果晚会的恶俗把我恶心成了祥林嫂, 我不断叨唠着“我原以为春节联欢晚会是挺好看的呀”。今年我学乖了,我完全有了心理准备,我幸灾乐祸的去看。



再说说唱歌吧。这都是什么玩意?!要么来个“繁荣盛事”的歌词,叫几个唱民族美声的咿呀乱叫一把;要么就让一个小屁猴,成龙儿子那样的,来唱一些狗屁 不通的又俗了吧唧的通俗歌曲,唱的那叫难听啊。奇怪就在这里了,明明都是假唱,连放磁带都放得这么难听,我真服了他们了。




Tuesday, February 08, 2005

You better believe it

Police: 4-year-old drives mom's car to video store
Monday, February 7, 2005 Posted: 9:25 AM EST (1425 GMT)

SAND LAKE, Michigan (AP) -- A boy drove his mother's car to a video store in the middle of the night, police said -- and he's all of 4 years old.

Although unable to reach the accelerator, the boy managed to put the car in gear and make his way to the store, a quarter-mile from his home, about 1:30 a.m. Friday, Sand Lake Police Chief Doug Heugel said. Finding the store closed, the youngster began a slow trip home.

Weaving and with its headlights off, the car got the attention of Officer Jay Osga, who first thought he was following a car that had been left running at a gas pump. He flipped on his lights when the car turned into the apartment complex and struck two parked cars. The boy put the car in reverse and struck Osga's cruiser.

The mother told police her son tried to drive the car earlier after she let him steer from her lap.

"He's 4 years old. His mom didn't even know he was up," Heugel told The Grand Rapids Press. "I don't think he even realizes what he did." No charges will be filed against the boy or his mother, Heugel said.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My First Car Accident

It has been five years already since I first got my license. I think it's about the time. Research says you are most likely to have your first car accident in year 2 and 3. Since I didn't always drive in past five years, all in all, the timing was about right.

No, damn it!!! The timing was simply aweful. I was on my way back from an otherwise very pleasant ski trip. I finally got a grip on how to smoothly link my left and right turns on a snowboard. I was extremely excited about my progress. My spirit was high and I was proud. But the accident just spoiled everything.

The accident is my fault, according to my insurance company. Everything happened in seconds. I was merging to the right lane from the middle lane. The truck driver, who was on the right lane driving steadily, just decided to cut me off and suddenly accelarated after I signaled. I didn't anticipate this suddenly move and continue to change lanes. The truck scrached my car from the right side and made some unpleasant noises. Fortunately no one in my car was hurt. We eventually waited two hours for cops to show up and I hadn't felt this hungery and cold since...... Fuck it, I have never been this hungery and cold.

Today, the adjuster from my insurance company took a look at the car and called me afterwards saying that the damage is about $3,000. I almost fell off my chair when I heard that. Of course, I am only paying the deductables, which is $500, but I can't imagine how my premium will be like when we renew next time.

What really pisses me off is the fact that the asshole in the truck is not at fault. He is the aggressive one who has little regard about other people's life. In any normal situations, he would have never touched my car since I tend to drive fast, hmmm... pretty fast. I cut lanes in a heart beat and I blow people by like a wind. (I am exaggerating of course, but you get the idea). The only reason I was in the middle lane that day, following the crowd and being a nice boy, was because of the additional passengers (4 of my friends) on my car. I was trying to be extremely cautious. But that might just cost me the accident. My theory of "nice guys always got their butts kicked" was proven correct, again.

So here comes the real question, how should I drive?? I am confused.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005




2,电影《卢旺达酒店》是一部200%值得一看的电影。As a civilized human being, you own yourself a duty to watch this movie. After the movie, you will also understand how ironic it is to call western countries “civilized countries”.

3,Snowboarding is more fun than skiing. 个人感觉,千万别拍砖。It is harder though.


5,如果你喜欢看《Ender’s Game》,你就会喜欢看《Ender’s Shadow》。我现在看了大约100页,怎么都放不下了,上班有时候还想呢。《Ender’s Game》2006年会推出电影,导演是导《Troy》的,Orson Scott Card亲自写剧本,所以很期待啊。

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

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