Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You better believe it!

Rocky VI is coming. I am not joking. Not April Fool yet. The fact is ROCKY IS BACK!!!! My first reaction to this is "Holy Shit!!!!" Don't you think it's pretty crazy for a 59 year old senior to climb back into the ring and fight his guts out in front of million viewers?

When I told my trainer this breaking news, the only thing he said was:
"Come on, get the fuck outta here!"
"No, I am serious. Sylvester decided to shoot the Rocky VI. The news came out yesterday."
"Nah, get the fuck outta here!"

Then, an hour later, I was still sweating, breathing, and trembling on the massage table like an injured dog after a hard long work-out. He was helping me stretch out, and he asked me "seriously, is what you said real? Is he making the Rocky VI now?" "Yes, truth, and nothing but the truth." "Oh, man! What the fuck is he thinking!!!"

Well, my trainer's last comment definitely is not the most delicate things I've ever heard, but I can easly sense the wisdom in his simple words. Yes Indeed, What the Fuck is He Thinking?

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