Saturday, November 12, 2005


说起体坛大嘴,大家不得不想起那个脑子里少跟弦的韩侨生,他那句名垂千古的“前有追兵,后有堵截”至今让人难以忘怀。但今天我要提的是美国版的韩侨生,那就是NBA的解说员Bill Walton。他这个人其实当年(70年代的时候)打球还是很猛的,平均每场13分,10个篮板,1个偷球,和2个盖帽,怎么说也是NBA最伟大50名球员之一。


1. 2002-2003年,马刺在西区和湖人争夺总决赛席位的时候,由于Robert Horry的关键三分球,Walton马上开始疯狂的赞扬Horry,他说Horry不仅三分厉害,而且他一直是“one of the NBA's premier defenders”,当时我就差点晕到,Robert Horry是premier defender????我从来不记得他入过任何一届的NBA All-Defensive Team,他关键时刻投三分是不错,但作为一个大前锋,他的防守从来就是相当糜烂的。(靠,如果他能算是premier defender的话,我都可以算是premier singer or premier banker了。)所以Walton一说完,另一个评论马上哑口无言,没法搭话。

2. 我忘了是哪一场球了,反正有个后卫传了一个坏球,球丢了,很平常的一件事,但Walton马上来了句“This is the worst pass I've ever seen in my entire life”。哈哈,我当时马上开始狂笑。
另一个评述实在忍不住了,就问他:“In your career, you must have seen thousands, if not millions, passes, are you sure this is the worst one? ”
Walton还嘴硬: “Absolutely!”
“OK, fair enough, I am curious to know what's your second worst pass of all time. Or in another words, what's your previous worst pass of all time? You must have compared the two, right?”

3. 这是昨天晚上我听到的,Walton在评述波特兰对底特律的比赛,他突发感慨地说:“Actually basketball is a beautiful sport. It's 100% physical. You have to be physically tough. Also it's 100% mental, you have to be mentally tough as well.”
另一个评述又忍不住了,“I am not a rocket scientist here, but according to elementary math, 100% plus 100%, isn't that 200% already? The numbers just don't add up.”
Walton天外飞仙般的来了一句:“You are comparing apples to oranges here.”

呵呵,其实我挺喜欢听Walton解说的,非常搞笑,娱乐价值很高。Keep it up, Bill!!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Survey says...

Source: Yahoo Finance

According to a recent survey conducted by entitled, "Out of the Office 2005", a whopping 43% of respondents revealed that they had called in sick with a fake excuse in the last twelve months, up from 35% in the 2004 survey.

Unfortunately for some employees, their day of hooky ended up with a pink slip as 23% of managers surveyed reported that they had fired an employee for missing work with a faux illness.

The most popular day for faking an illness was Wednesday (27%) followed closely by Monday (26%) and Friday (14%). The most popular reasons for calling in sick included catching up on sleep (23%) and simply not feeling like working (17%). The excuses provided by employees ran the gamut from the mundane to the exotic. The survey highlighted some of the more bizarre excuses provided to managers including:
  • I'm too drunk to drive to work.
  • My boyfriend's snake got loose and I'm afraid to leave the bedroom until he gets home.
  • I'm too fat to get into my work pants.
  • My cow bit me.
  • My son accidentally fell asleep next to wet cement in our backyard. His foot fell in and we can't get it out.
  • My house lock jammed and I'm locked in.