Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Book - [Dune]

Finally I finished this legendary book after hours of reading on the subway. (FYI, I only read book when I am riding subways. For some unknown reason, subway and book really have some kind of magic on me.) Dune, a Hugo and Nebula Award winner, is considered by many as one of the most famous and successful science fiction novels ever written. I simply can’t agree more. Dune is a masterpiece that is hard to top.

Dune tells us the story about House Atreides’ fate on the newly acquired Arrakis (appointed by the Emperor), a deserted planet that has nothing but the ferocious sand storm and precious spice. In order to control the spice, a vital material that is not only essential for interstellar travel but also addictive for personal pleasure, the rival House of Harkonnen (also the previous governor of Arrakis) ambushed the House Atreides, killed the old Duke, and left young Paul Atreides and his mother Jessica in the deep desert to be devoured by the mystic giant sand worms. Will Paul and Jessica survive? Will they be able to revenge the pain that Harkonnen has inflicted on them? Read Dune and find out the answers yourself.

Dune is full of suspense. The plot involves almost all aspects of human societies, including politics, military, economics, culture, religion, family, and romance. The storyline is intriguing and contains tweaks within tweaks. The universe that it creates is unique, consistent, and believable. The characters are sophisticated, real, and full-fledged. Some of the concepts that Dune introduces are simply fascinating, such as the gigantic sand worms, water preserving stillsuits, the addictive spice that tastes different every time you try it, the Bene Gesserit "witches" who are expert with voice and sound, the Mantat who can see the future, the Reverend Mother who has the wisdom of two minds, and etc,.

Final words: Dune Series is simply too good to pass by and I highly recommend it to any sci-fi fans. Read it at all costs!


YY said...

I watched the movies on SciFi channel a year ago and very enjoyed them. It's called "Dune" and the sequel "children of the Dune". Both are good. Now I am thinking if I should read the book...

GTR said...

Yes, you definitely should if you like the movie. Usually movies or TV shows can barely show half of the excitement in a novel. So, Dune is the book for you!