Monday, July 04, 2005

Golf Time!!

I always like golf. Using an iron stick to hit something voilently definitely sounds appealing to me. However, ever since I took a golf class in my senior year in college, I never got a chance to play the game in any consistent way. Finally now I have a car and the weather is wonderful, so this is GOLF TIME!!! I will try every hard this summer to improve my game. Watch out Tiger, I am coming!!!

I went to the driving range with a friend yesterday and played slightly over an hour. It was so much fun. I felt really good when I made a solid contact on the sweet spot. But overall, I was rusty. I couldn't handle the driver. Slicing is still my big problem. I have to work on that. The good news was that I used 7 iron all right. Irons are always a lot easier to use than drivers. Hopefully by the end of this summer, I can get my stoke back and manage to use drivers, irons, pitchers, and putters effectively.

Woods, I guess you can still keep your green jacket......... for now.

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mudflower said...

Tiger is here!