Monday, August 01, 2005

This is how a Good day turn into something Ugly

Today should otherwise be a good day for me, not untill I saw the following article on New York Times. I am really upset after reading the article. Damn, the world is going backward now. Still can't believe it's happening.

Bible Course Becomes a Test for Public Schools in Texas



FridayInLove said...

Monthes ago I read an article on New Yorker, also about the current backward trend of abandoning the seperation of God and State. Seems this problem is getting more serious, and it's getting faster paces spreading.

I began to think what the U.S. would be when it inclined itself too much to the right hand side. --Well, in long turn it's definitely something terrible: more biased people, a redder nation, and, war. Fortunately it seems other people noticed it too, for example our GTR :). And apparently the NY based media is trying to call concern.

What to act? I don't know. I skipped and tried my best to badmouth the crappy movie "kingdom of the stupid red heaven" though.

GTR said...

Friday, I am really glad to see you here and your first comment was such an elegant one. I totally agree with what you said, except for one thing ? contrary to what many may believe, “Kingdom of Haven” is not about Christianity propaganda.

I saw the movie about four months ago and really liked it. It tells the history between the first and second crusade and it does a great job showing us why Christians are no better, if not worse, than Muslims. Many of these so called “Crusaders” (and priests) are closer to murderers, liars, and criminals than anything else. This is also the reason why Churches in the state all called for boycotting the movie, which results disappointing box office despite of brilliant performance from Orlando Broom. Many actors in the movie are actually real Muslims and they did a terrific job giving us a balanced view of their religion. I would love to see this movie again on NetFlix. Haha

So, I would actually encourage people to watch this movie to learn a piece of the forgotten history, the history that Churches definitely don’t want people to know.

Masked Blueberry said...

I totally agree. Sorry, but I'm only an 8th grader, so bare with me.

I think your blog is awesome.

Sorry, I don't have anything intelligent to say... both comments are fairly intimidating on the intellectual scale.