Saturday, April 17, 2004

Who is the most crazy people that you know?

After careful deliberation, I finally came up my list of the most crazy people in US.
These names are in no particular order.
Also if you don't see your name on the list, please don't be offended.

1. William Huang
This guy just fits the perfect definition of craziness: the inability to comprehend reality.
When he was singing "she bangs.. she bangs" with his tiny ass shaking, I felt sad.
He should be institutionized, and be analyzed by doctors.
Not one, not two, but a team of doctors

2. Omarosa
The infamous apprentice, the evil sister, and the ultimate back-stabber
She is both crazy and evil, to a degree that no one can match
She just keeps doing the things that any normal people would not do
What a classic crazy bitch....

3. Michael Jackson
How sad that he is on my list, I used to love him and admire him to my knees
But I guess they don't call him "Waco Jaco" for nothing
If he still think that he is the ultimate Peter Pan at the age of 40+, he is plain crazy
His fake nose and fake skin color are just some nice additional evidences

4. Master Li
You have to tip your hat to someone seriously regard himself as God
To claim that you have the special channel to communicate with God is one heck of crazy shit, claiming yourself directly as God is just craziness with no boundaries
However, his method of "sitting there doing nothing" apparently gained some popularity among other crazy people,
I would definitely give Master Li some credit
He is the King, the King of Pychos

5. President Bush
He believes Iraq has WMD
He believes by bombing and occupying Iraq, US is a safer place
He believes Iraq will be the next Japan
He believes he is doing a good job this past 4 years and would be re-elected soon
He believes he is a competent and well-admired president
(The list can actually go on and on forever)
Well, enough said, he is crazy

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