Sunday, May 09, 2004

About the Infamous Torture Pictures in the War against Iraq

When the pictures of American Solders torturing Iraqi prisoners hit the mass media several days ago, the whole so called "Human-rights" nation was shocked upside down. Bush was more wordless than ever, and could have definitely forced out couple drops of tears if he was a better actor. Rumsfield seems to be older than ever under the spot light. Instead of being a witty, charming Secretary of Defense, he is a now a caught-on-tape type of fucked-up pervert. All the republicans / pro-war activists just felt a slap on their face. Previously well-thought 1,000 reasons to invade Iraq just vanished like a beautiful dream in the summer's eve.

Then, after I saw the pictures myself, I am furious... The anger is burning and my eyes are red... That the fuck is that ??!!

No, no, no... don't get my wrong. I am not angry at the way Americans torturing Iraqis... Trust me, I've seen worse. Personally I think that's part of the deal of being captured. You don't really believe they will leave you alone as long as you surrender your weapons, do you??

But rather I am anger at the Americans, the weak stupid ass Americans. I argued with my boss about the war from the very begining. I said the war is not for the best interest of United States. I am not saying Sadam is a nice person that I like to hang out with. (Hell no, I definitely don't want to have him as my neighbour.) I am also not arguing Iraq has no WMD... Personally I really don't think WMD is factor here (If Iraq has WMD, US troops will be in big trouble, so don't go there; if Iraq has no WMD, no need to go there either) But my reasoning is:
(1) Fighting against Iraq will get very dirty
(2) US can't afford to be dirty
(3) Well, if you don't want to get dirty, don't fight in the mud... Get the hell out of Iraq then

Here is the detail:
(1) The war against Iraq is not about army against army here. It's about you-invade-my-house-I-do-whatever-I-can-to-get-you-out type of conflict. Yes, Americans have bigger guns and more advanced shit in their arsenal, but so what?? We are talking about religious freaks doing suicide-bombers here. The enemy is everywhere and nowhere. They are civilian now and smiles at you; Seconds later, they are the enemy and try to send you to see your Jesus. They are invisible, and they are willing to fight with their teeth.

(2) Of course if Americans really want, they can still win the war with ease. Just drop couple nukes or kill everything on sight will solve the problem, but here comes the second point, Americans can't fight dirty.
You gotta love Americans, because they are too nice and too politically correct to their own fault. They just have too many baggages on their backs. Namely, the human-rights, Christianity, moral righteousness and other stuff that sounds wonderful but costly to execute. They just can't fight dirty!!!!! Just look at these so-called "torture" pictures again...... They are laughable compared to what the Japanese did to us in WWII but the weak-hearted Americans all freaked out and just can't take it any more. That's why I always believe that US can never be prepared for a war like this. They may be physically well-equipped and have more than enough fire power to accomplish any military task, but mentally they are not there yet, and perhaps never will.

(3) So, I will say "GET THE FUCK OUT OF IRAQ NOW!!!"

These are the reasons why I am angry.... The stupid President Bush should have never sent troops over, and should have never wasted my hard-earned tax money in such pointless way. Now he is asking $25bn more and fuck that, I am angry!!!

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