Thursday, August 26, 2004

The question that I hate the most, as a New Yorker

I’ve been in New York for approximately four years. Throughout the years there is that one type of questions that people always ask about New York. The question usually starts something like “I will spend couple days in New York this weekend. Is it safe there?” This kind of bullshit question always pisses me off. The dumb ass who asks the questions probably thinks New York as a gigantic shit hole that only rats and cockroaches survive. We, New Yorkers, are like some sort of mutants that possess a special power to endure all the harshness in this city. People are constantly under attack in the Subway system, either been stabbed or raped. When the nights arrive, only whores and murderers roam on the streets. Apparently this dumb ass’s life is extraordinarily precious and s/he needs some extra confirmation that spending couple days in New York is not a life threatening event, despite of the fact that there are over 8 million people living and breathing in the city everyday.

So now if people ask me the same question, I usually say “Yeah, it’s pretty bad here. Bullets flying and people dying. If I were you, I definitely stay away from it. OK, now please excuse me and I’ve got a party to go.”

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viva said...

calm down buddy, be friendly to out-of-towner.
frankly, I am still pretty scared in some area of the city, like... Chelsea