Monday, September 20, 2004

The Movie - [Collateral]

Just saw it last Friday night and really liked it. [Collateral] is more than just a movie. It only not tells you an action-packed story, but also teaches you something about life. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, stop right here (warning: possible spoiler ahead!) and go to watch it in a movie theatre. You won’t regret it.

The story goes like this: Max (Jamie Foxx), a cab driver in LA, is trying to make a living by doing the right things in his life. His car is well maintained, ultra-clean. His attitude is great, both toward life and work. He is an excellent driver, extremely knowledgeable about various routes and traffic conditions. However, for whatever reason he is still just a cab driver that tries to make a living. One night, he meets an unusual customer, Vincent (Tom Cruise), who offers him $600 for one night cab service. Max decides to take this seemingly simple but lucrative job. However, Vincent turns out to be a professional contract killer, who is on a quest to kill 5 people for the night. That is where the real excitement starts. Max now is facing all the dangers that he has never faced before, the professional hit man, the underground mafia, and the relentless LAPD. Can Max survive all these? How would the entire story unfold? You better find out the answers yourself.

Here are the things that I learned from the movie:
  1. Being nice is not always enough.
  2. The best way to solve a problem is to face it directly without fear.
  3. A dream is only a dream unless you really start working on it.
  4. We shall identify our friends and foes unambiguously, then treat them accordingly.
  5. Self-confidence is our greatest asset.
  6. Life is not about planning. It is all about improvising.
In the end, Max exists in every one of us. He is the epitome of our society. However, just like Max we all have the strength to make a difference once we are truly determined.

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