Thursday, March 23, 2006

Chicken Vegetable Soup

I just had my lunch 30 minutes ago, a medium sized chicken vegetable soup with a half sandwich. I don’t have much to complain about the food, as I feel pretty full right now… en…well… Actually there is one thing that somewhat bothers me. It’s the name of the soup. I believe the name “Chicken Vegetable Soup” is misleading. It gives you a false impression that the Mr. Chicken and Mrs. Vegetable are equally respectable and share the same significance in this soup family. However, Mr. Chicken was so elusive that his existence was only vaguely confirmed by some faint smell and residuals at the bottom of the cup. I was eagerly anticipating my encounter with Mr. Chicken today and I was deeply disappointed by his lack of presence. It’s like spending $80 to watch a Rocket game but only found out later that Yao is injured and all you see is his long cold face on the bench. The mere glimpse is not going to satisfy anybody.

I think the right name should be “Chicken-flavored Vegetable Soup”. It gives you the right perception regarding the power balance between Mr. Chicken and Mrs. Vegetable. In short, Mr. Chicken is indeed a chicken and stands no chance against the mighty Mrs. Vegetable in this soup family.

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FridayInLove said...

haha this article smells like New Yorker to me, it's like a fresh post in the shouts & murmur page......