Monday, October 13, 2008

Myth #6: I am picking McCain, not Palin

Some people will vote for McCain even though they agree Palin sucks. Their argument is simple: I am voting McCain for President, Not Palin.

Well, this argument is flawed.

First, Palin not just sucks. She is the queen of the Sucker Land and she sucks more than an industrial grade vacuum cleaner.

She can't even name a single newspaper! (Zero knowledge) She claims she understands international affair simple because she can visually see Russia from Alaska! (Zero logic) But she wants more power once she is the VP! (Is she the Weapon of Mass Destruction Bush is trying so hard to find??)

Secondly, Picking Palin as VP candidate is a utterly stupid irrational irresponsible decision. Anyone who makes that decision should not be allowed to make any other decisions for the rest of their lives, maybe except for the "paper or plastic" questions when checking out in a supermarket.

Well, MaCain made that decision! So, he is not qualified to be President. Case closed.

Finally, anyone voting for McCain without thinking about Palin is a dumb ass.

Take a look at a mortality table for a 72-year old. If you don't know what a mortality table is, google it. If you don't know how to use it, google it again. The bottom line is that there is 25% to 30% chance that McCain will die within the first term even without taking his 4 previous skin cancer history into consideration. So, you basically have 30% or higher chance to have Palin as the Head of the State by picking McCain. Some actuaries even put the odds much higher than 50%. If you don't think this is a serious risk worth considering when voting in November, you should not be allowed to vote. I rest my case.

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