Thursday, October 21, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Review

AnandTech has a really in-depth Review on upcoming Windows Mobile 7 smart phones. It's actually surprisingly positive. Here are the punchlines:
(1) Best Facebook integration
(2) Perfect Zune integration ($ for $, better than Itune)
(3) Stylish UI with butter-smooth performance (feels better than iPhone!!)
(4) Standardized user experience from different phone makers
(5) Poor JavaScript performance
(6) Limited app store for now
Read it if you want.  But the article is pretty lengthy.  Here is the Final Words page for the lazy ones. :D

Gizmondo also has a review up now.  The verdict is, again, very positive.
"Windows Phone 7 is really great. A solid foundation, it's elegant and joyful. True, a lot of that greatness is potential. But if anybody can follow through on their platform, it's Microsoft. Should you buy this instead of an iPhone or Android phone though? In six months, after the ecosystem has filled out, the answer will be more clear. But right now, Window Phone is definitely an option. Considering where Microsoft was just a year ago, that's saying a hell of a lot."

However, according to Engadget, the picture isn't as rosy.  They feel that Microsoft had made a lot of improvement but still a year behind iPhone or Android.  However, they do mention many things that they like, such as unique UI and terrific Zune and XboxLive integration.  

So, are you interested in Windows Phone 7 now?

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