Friday, June 11, 2004

I am a Piston Fan Now

Watched second half of the game last night, Pistons against Lakers
All I can say is "What a great game!!! It's fucking awesome!!!"
This is what I call basketball, and any professional sports in general

It's about desire, motivation, and heart
It's about how badly you want to win
It's about putting everything you have on the floor and fight for every second
It's about the physical play and energy surge
It's about I want to win no matter what you do

It's NOT about the fancy clothes that you are wearing
It's NOT about the fake smile on the face
It's NOT about the fucking bullshit "winning is not everything"
It's NOT about who has more championship rings on their fingers
It's NOT about the popularity contest
It's NOT about tomorrow.. tonight is what counts!!

Detroit destroyed Lakers. Lakers are old, slow, and over-matched. The cocky SOB Kobe looked like a total joke after some half-brained sports analysts hyped him to Michael Jordon's level. Karl Malone's dirty elbow could no longer intimidate anyone. Shaq was still strong, but again, last night just shows the fact that he was just another human being. Gary Payton was a lost soul.... I even felt sad for him. Lakers looked tired and played tired. They seemed to be content with the three rings in their pocket.

Detroit was a whole different story. I was so touched by the energy level displayed by Pistons. They are so hungry. They want to win so badly and they let you know by fight every possession. The offensive board was dominated by Pistons, and it wasn't even close. Pistons play like a team, they move the ball very well and they always find someone open at the corner. They are both speedy and strong, I gotta say "I love Detroit!!!!"

Lakers, I am sorry (don't really meant it though hoho). This year is just not yours.

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