Friday, September 05, 2008

Myth #1: McCain is a maverick in GOP

The argument usually runs like this "McCain is different. He is not a typical Republican. He can bring the change this country is craving for. He can unite both parties and has the experience to bring real changes"

OK, let's see how illogical this argument goes:

First, if he is a maverick as he claims he is, he won't be able to lead either party.

Maverick, by definition, is a "lone dissenter". The key word here is LONE. You can't be a maverick and someone that everyone follows at the same time.
Maverick is someone that stands out in the crowd; someone that disagrees with his/her peers; someone that others feel odd and strange.
If you are so popular that every Republican admires you and follows you, you are a majority leader in your party, and you are NOT a maverick. You simply can't lead the Republic party by saying and doing things that a typical Republican disagrees with.
Since McCain can't even lead his own party as a maverick, let alone leading the Democratic party.

Secondly, he has no experience.

Yes, yes, we got it. He was a POW (prison of war) before. I heard it, you heard it, and we all heard about it at least 200 times. Being POW is, without a doubt, not easy. It says a lot of about your personal characters, especially when you refuse the chance to be released earlier than fellow POWs. McCain definitely has a long list of admirable attributes: resilience, determination, courage, strong-will and such.
However, it doesn't make you an effective leader. He never led any military units in his life time. Never a true commander on the battlefield. POW experience sounds very touching but just doesn't make you a better decision maker, which is a prerequisite for a president. Besides those personal attributes, a president needs to make intelligent decisions in this complicated world. This is a MUST.
Well, in terms of intelligence level, McCain is ranked 894 out of 899 graduates from the Navy Academy. That's the 5th from the last. Oh boy, we just got by the Bush era, now comes McCain.

Finally, he is just like any other republicans and he is not special.

OK, here is what we got for McCain: born into a golden family; married a rich pretty blonde; supports war and vote in line with Bush 90% of the time; super rich and never will tell you how many homes he has; involved in financial scandals before and will not show your his tax return; below average academic score; below average looking; above average age; can't talk eloquently....
You tell me that he is different from other Republicans?? Oh, really?

Here is the conclusion:
McCain is just a typical republican that we have seen so many times before. Move on, nothing special here.

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