Friday, September 05, 2008

Myth #2: We are average people just like you!!!

I have heard this so many times from a Republican candidate before. Bush used this and Palin is using it now:

"I am just an average pal/gal/buddy/people/hockey mom/wife/husband/American like you!" (VOTE ME!!!)

For some strange reason, American people got all excited after hearing this. "Shit, this is HOT! I am as good as the president! Sweet dude, let's vote!"

But I have to pause and ask myself: "Since when, being average is a good thing?"

Let's say you walk in an interview with Goldman. The interviewer shakes your hand, greets you warmly and says "OK, tell me something about yourself that you deserve this job." Then, you smile back and say "well, you know, I am average just like everyone else"

What are the odds that Goldman will give you a job after that? The truth is that being average is not even good enough to get a job at Goldman, let alone the president of United States of America.

I truly believe that being a president is not for everyone. He or she has to:
(1) be intellectually smart and understands the complexity of this world;
(2) have a clear vision where the country should be;
(3) be able to feel the pain of other and be compassionate;
(4) know how to motivate people and be a great communicator;
(5) follow his own principal and never yield under pressure;
(6) have to have the ability to succeed with his own resource and effort in the private sector.

Average Joe is not gonna cut it. An average super rich kid is not gonna cut it. McCain is not gonna cut it. Palin is not even close. Obama is the only answer:
(1) he graduated from Harvard law school at the top of his class
(2) he has talked about his vision in his books long time ago and never gives in or gives up
(3) he is an active community leader in the poorest communities in Chicago
(4) he is fanstatic in front of crowds and extremely charismatic.
(5) he has been following his dreams for 20 years
(6) he is able to be a sucessful lawyer, writer, teacher and leader. Extremely successful running his own campaign.

Bottom line is that we don't need an Average Joe, we need and deserve someone FANTASTIC!

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