Sunday, September 14, 2008

Myth #3: Sarah Palin is the real thing

No, she is not.

She is not going to be the savior of the Republican party. Her "touching" story looks good on paper, but her right wing positions and stunning lack of knowledge and experience will alienate independent voters before November. Her "cute" lies will hurt her deeply and Palin will get the reality check the the way as Mitt Romney did.

Here is a long list of things about Palin that it's truly disturbing:

(1) Palin's position on abortion
This is ugly, really ugly. She opposes almost all forms of abortion, including rape and the pregnancy endangers the woman's health. She is opposed to Roe vs. Wade decision and wants to overturn it. Her position is so extreme that an average pro-life person won't even consider.

(2) Palin's foreign policy experience
If you are saying "I know about Russian politics because I can see real Russians from my state", you know you are simply pulling shit out of your own ass.
It's like saying "I know about saving people's life as I can see a huge hospital from my apartment". Are you freaking kidding me? Basically Palin is betting that everyone is so dumb that her argument can actually fly. This is sad that a potential VP thinks so lowly of her own countryman.
Btw, she even said that she paid little attention to Iraq since the war. Oh, we know she is not lying on this one, as she just linked 9/11 to Iraq several days ago. Oh boy, even Bush acknowledged that there is no link between 9/11 and Iraq FIVE YEARS AGO!!!!!!! WTF, are we back to future now?

(3) Palin's robotic interview answers
If you have seen her interview on ABC several days ago, her performance probably reminds you the time when you were in college and had to pull an all-nighter for a class that you only went to twice in a semester. Yes, you probably got most of the key sound bits, but you are still clueless and hopeless.
Well, that's what Palin did. She provides sound bit quality answers, and at times, they don't even match the questions being asked. She used the same "we can't second guess Israel" to answer three different questions around US-Israel relationships. It's like some sort of mal-functioned electronic device where it keeps saying the same thing as you press different buttons.
Also she didn't know the Bush Doctrine, which is THE reason behind the Iraq war. Ouch!

(4) Palin's lack of substance
In all her speeches so far, she provides zero substance. No real policy, no real strategy, only high level sound bits.
Well, it's understandable. She can't provide substance, because if she does that, people will notice how far right she really is on the political spectrum. All the middle independent voters who love McCain will disappear.
But the problem is that how long can she keeps avoiding substance? Not much longer, i am afraid. Debates are coming; interviews are coming; and voters will eventually demand answers to various social issues and policies. Her days are numbered. She will show her ugly right wing face.

(5) Palin's objection to Bridge-to-Nowhere
No, no, no, Palin didn't object the bridge-to-nowhere before she voted for it. She has been using this sound bit to show how strongly she opposes earmarks. The funny thing is that she actually said during the ABC interview that she is not against earmarks but rather against the way some of the earmarks are budgeted. Are you kidding me? This whole semantics battle is getting childish.

(6) Palin's foreign travel trips
She claimed that trips to Germany, Kuwait, Canada, Iraq, and Ireland made up her foreign travel. Actually Ireland is a refueling stop, and she never set foot on Iraq. She stopped at the Kuwait/Iraq boarder and didn't enter Iraq during her Kuwait trip.
The refueling stop thing is just embarrassing. This kind of little "resume enhancement" comments remind me Mitt Romney during the GOP primary. If people were sicken tired of Mitt Romney in the primary, I have every reason to believe that people will soon or later be sicken tired of Sarah Palin as well.

(7) Palin's Down syndrome child
Please, don't tell me that you are better because you have a retarded kid. When you are at the age of 44, any non-retarded people would have already learnt how to use a condom correctly.
Having a Down syndrome child just shows how poorly you plan things. Having a baby should be carefully planed to ensure a good life of the child. It should not be a random event after a drunken night at bar, nor should it be a I-am-too-lazy-to-use-a-condom thing. If you can't even ensure your child has a normal healthy life, how can you lead a country of 300 million?

(8) Palin's love for hunting and rifle
Hunting is not a sport. There is nothing victorious about using a high powered rifle, a 50 times magnified scope, and a sound and heat tracker to kill harmless, hungry, big furry animals. It's like beating up a kindergarten kid. I take no pride doing that.
Oh, she is worse. She loves aerial hunting. Basically riding on a helicopter and use machine guns to shoot at animals running around scared. The practice is actually outlawed by Airbone Hunting Act 1972 due to abusive practice in Alaska. But she does it anyway by exploring some loopholes in the law. What a smart woman!
She is also a life long member of the NRA (National Rifle Association), which is responsible for the rampant gun violence in US. This is just sickening.

(9) Palin's energy position
Palin can be any color but green. She voted against protecting polar bears because polar bear reservation got in her way in drilling oil in Alaska. She denies that global warming is the result of human activity, although it is proven and accepted by near all intellectuals.

Enough rant for today. The bottom line is that Palin is either a dumb ass or a freaking liar. Oh, maybe both.

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