Thursday, October 09, 2008

Don't blame Republicans. They are jus kids.

I just recently discovered that Republicans are actually bunch of 12-year old. Here is my evidence:

(1) Language

Kids like to invent words. So do Republicans.

"They misunderestimate me" - George W. Bush

"We've gotta promote the leadership that is willing to condemn terror and, at the same time, work toward the embetterment of the lives of the Palestinian people. " - George W. Bush

"We are mavericky!" - Sarah Palin

(2) View of the world

Kids tend to view the world in a black and white fashion. Good vs. Evil. Snow White is good, and Big Bad Wolf is bad. (Well, they even have the world "Bad" in the the middle of the name, so you get the point.)

President George W. Bush is sharing a similar view. He is apparently living in a Marvel Comic world, where bad dudes are teaming up to get him. There are "evil doers" and "axis of evil" trying to hurt us. When asked about Iran, Bush point-blank said "these are assholes". Wow! How insightful!

Seriously, I think all we need is a cape and Bush is good to go.

(3) Favorite game/sport

Kids tend to do those pointless, repetitive, boring things over and over and always get entertained.

So, not surprisingly the #1 redneck sport is NASCAR. Basically it's very similar to a hamster in a cage, you are driving tirelessly in circles.

OK, I know there are more to it but still, you are running in fucking circles! How undesirably boring that is! Btw, did I mention how retarded the car looks? Why would I ever want a detergent on my car?

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