Friday, October 29, 2004

Undecided Voters

It’s funny that in every poll regarding the presidential election there are approximately 6% undecided voters. En, interesting.... Undecided voters.... Hmm.... My question is “How the heck can you still be UNDECIDED when there is only four days left before the election??” Are you kidding me? I believe the ones who still claim to be undecided are simply trying to piss the pollsters off. Come on, after such long exhausting presidential campaign, you’d be lying if you haven’t heard both candidates at least 1,000 times on TV. For anyone on the US soil, regardless how apathetic you are toward politics, you should be able to form some kind of opinion already, one way or the other. If you still fail to make a choice and lable yourself as an undecided voter at this moment, you should be locked up in the Bronx zoo to be exhibited as “The Mysterious Brainless Humanoids”.

These undecided voters are like ghosts. They never die and keep coming back to haunt you. I bet you that even if a pollster conducts a poll on November 3rd, a day after the general election, there would still be around 6% of these legendary creatures. Surreal.

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